Steven Risman


Steven Risman, has been IN the field for over Twenty Five years. He began training at a young age of fourteen and in 2001, He established his own company. With over 25 years of experience of low-voltage wiring, over the years he has gained great skills and techniques and has become a leader in the field of building Automation. He prove a record of being capable, dependable, very well organized, demonstrating initiative by recognizing what needs to be done before being asked. He is congenial in his relationships with clients and coworkers, as well as valuable contributions to any organizations and charities He is affiliated with.

Past Experience:
1997 – Supercharged Electrical -helper, apprentice, Electrician

1999 – Audio House, Home Automation –

2000 – Advanced Telecom – phone system and network installation tech

2001 – Birns Telecom – Service Order Manager, Head of new Installations, Feild Manager

2001– to Present

MetroCom Technologies, Inc. – Founder

2009-2012 - CEO and PARTNER of KVAR NEW YORK ENERGY SAVINGS www.kvar.com 

2011 – to Present

MetroCom Security, Inc. – PRESIDENT

2015 – New venture called “The MetroCom Companies “that is constructed of 10+ companies to be specifically dedicated to each field (BUILDING MANAGeMENT SYSTEMs, Sport Complex design, Telecom and networks, Security and burglar , Home Automation, hospital and nursing, ETC)